Cease to Resist

On Surrender

The word surrender has come up several times this past week. Not once or twice, but consistently through emails, posts and messages. It is interesting since the hashtag #Resist has become quite popular as of late with groups who seek justice and liberation through protest and activism, myself included. But I’m not interested in discussing politics today. I invite you to stop resisting, to give in, to relent and yield, not to whatever political causes move you, but to the lessons that the Universe continues to place on your path.

You see, when situations keep presenting themselves in your life but you don’t have the tools to process them, we tend to fight them. Over and over. Finding reasons why this is happening to us or being done to us. While we lament our misfortune we are missing what is being presented; a chance to pause, look within, and figure out how I can observe, learn and process that situation. When we surrender to the lessons that are being offered to us, we stop seeing such lessons as tragedies in your life, but rather as valuable opportunities for growth.

Persistence is a quality that parents and society as a whole value and encourage. It is defined as a firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition; the continued or prolonged existence of something. This is not to be confused with stubbornness, or dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something. Simply put, it’s not the same to persevere in your pursuits, than to resist change altogether.  

Finding the balance between these two can be challenging, but when you sit with yourself quietly, you can tune in to that voice that never fails. Learning to listen and pay attention to your gut takes time and practice, as everything else in life. As I navigate this balance in my personal life, trying to relinquish control and listening to all the signs presented on my journey through life, I want you to join me and explore yours. In what areas of your life do you need to let go and flow? What lessons or experiences keep presenting itself continuously? Take the time to do this simple exercise, you owe it to yourself and your intentions.